Josh Jambon - A Philanthropist

One of the things that Josh Jambon has always tried to do is give back to the community. He is nothing short of a philanthropist, someone that devotes his time and money regularly to worthy causes. As a Freemason and believer in the power of public education, Mr. Jambon has made considerable contributions to a local high school scholarship program. Programs like this help to encourage young students to value education, and build a future for themselves on in the industry they desire.

Josh Jambon

Not only is Mr. Jambon making regular contributions to a scholarship program, he is helping to inspire learning across the globe by building computer labs and libraries in Ghana, West Africa. Many of the orphanages there lack learning facilities for the children. Mr. Jambon and other philanthropists are focusing many efforts on establishing a way for these children to self-educate, so that they can help build a better future and economy for the area.

Josh Jambon is also a practicing member of his community bible church, a member of the Bayou Fellowship Masonic lodge, and a member of the Knights of Columbus. All of these parties are known for their considerable charitable donations. In fact, the Knights of Columbus recently broke a record in 2014 for the biggest annual contribution to charities. Mr. Jambon became a member of these various societies to work closely with like-minded people in order to help make the world a better place. Mr. Jambon hopes to encourage others to be more charitable in their endeavors as well.

Josh Jambon - How to Grow Your Business

Josh Jambon is a business owner that has been working in the gas and oil industry for many years. He has achieved success with his business, Jambon Boats because he is always working to help it expand and grow. There comes a time when a business reaches a point of stagnation. Where it appears it will never become more profitable than it already is. However, it is never the case that a business has reached its full potential. There is always room to grow. Below are a few tips on how to keep your business growing:

Josh Jambon

  • Expand to a New Location: While physical expansion is not always the best way to grow a business, it can certainly help. Just make sure you execute it properly, coming up with a business plan, budget, and profitability goals for the new location.
  • License Your Product: This is a low-cost growth method that can produce some serious results. By licensing your product, you can receive upfront royalties whenever the product is sold or utilized. This method is also cheap to do and lowers the risk of other companies using your product freely.
  • Diversity: This is necessary for business expansion at a certain point. Branch off into other products, form new partnerships, and develop new services.

Josh Jambon has been growing his business, Jambon Boats for many years. What started off as a small business, has growth to influence on the international scale. He has learned what it takes to make a business expand and grow.

Josh Jambon - Freemasonry and Women

Josh Jambon is a successful business owner that has been operating in the gas and oil industry for many years. Because of his personal success and prosperity, Mr. Jambon has become focused on helping others who are less fortunate than himself. That is in part why he joined his local Freemason lodge. Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that has dedicated itself to the principles of self-improvement, enlightenment through education, and extending a helping hand to those that need it.

Josh Jambon

The Freemasons have historically been a charitable and affluent organization. However, because the fraternity originated from stonemason guilds, women have classically been barred from membership. However, as the fraternity evolved over time, more and more women became involved and active participants in Freemasonry. While many current Masonic lodges still uphold the tradition of barring women from membership, many more progressive Masonic lodges of today have extended membership to include women. In fact, some sects were creating organizations that included women participation as early as the 1800s. Three of these orders were:

  • The Order of the Eastern Star in 1855
  • The Order of the Amaranth in 1873
  • The White Shrine of Jerusalem in 1894

Later down the line, two national Masonic youth organizations were put together specifically for young women. These Masonic chapters are dedicated to community services, educational programs, and local charities. There have even been a few Masonic-related organizations that only extend membership to women exclusively. Some of these chapters are:

  • The Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America
  • Daughters of the Nile
  • Daughters of Mokanna
  • Social Order of Beauceant

These organizations base their membership on gender fellowship, and are heavily influenced by masonic beliefs and practices.

While becoming a member of the Freemasons has historically required an individual to be over 21 and a male, other exceptions have been made throughout history. That is because the Freemasons sponsor several youth organizations. The Order of DeMolay for example, is an organization targeted towards men between the ages of 12 and 21. The young men do not have to have a relative or friend that is a Freemason in order to join the Order of DeMolay. The DeMolay Chapters are however supervised by full-fledged Freemasons that are known as Chapter Dads. This order teaches virtues to its young members. It teaches each young man to value comradeship, courtesy, patriotism, love of parents, fidelity, cleanness, and reverence. It is also interesting to note that there is an organization dubbed the, “International Order of Rainbow for Girls” Masonic-related group for young women between the ages of 11 and 20, showing that the Freemasons have started to expand membership.

Josh Jambon became a member of the Freemasons in order to help his community grow. He believes in the Masonic principles of valuing education, self-improvement, and helping others in need.

Josh Jambon & The Knights of Columbus

Josh Jambon is not just a successful entrepreneur and businessman, but an avid philanthropist who works hard to improve the community. One of the ways he helps the community is by being involved with the Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus are a catholic-based fraternity with a unique mission and purpose.

Josh Jambon

The Knights of Columbus describe themselves as men of faith and action. That is because this fraternity is based on giving back to the community. In fact, in 2014, the group set a record in charitable donations for the 16th consecutive year! The organization gave 3.4 million more in donations in 2014, beating their previous record set at $173,550,680. The group also committed over 71.5 million volunteer hours to a number of different causes. The organization increased the amount of hours volunteered by over a million from the previous year.

Josh Jambon became a member of the Knights of Columbus because they put so much into the community. They have many charitable interests that are based on a local, state, national, and even international level. Some of the fraternity’s international contributions include the Special Olympics, as well as the Global Wheelchair Mission, and Habitat for Humanity. The fraternity has even developed their own charitable organizations, including their ‘Food for Families’ project, and ‘Coats for Kids’.

The Knights of Columbus continue to break records for charitable donations because they are built on fundamental principles. The Knights have 4 basic principles, ones listed here:
Charity: The Catholic faith that the Knights of Columbus are based on teaches them to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” That is why members are dedicated to many causes, including food drives, volunteer work, and supporting struggling single mothers.

Unity: The Knights of Columbus believe that working together is the best way to accomplish anything. They believe that in unity, there is strength. That is why the fraternity helps support each other whenever needed.
Fraternity: The founder of the Knights of Columbus, Michael J. Mcginvey, established the idea of fraternity early on in the organization. Fraternity is a form of family, and the Knights have always made supporting family a priority within their organization.

Patriotism: This final principle of the order is as important as all of the others. They believe strongly in god and country, which is why the organization stands up for both. No matter where the order is located, it stands up for the people and nation of the area. The Knights of Columbus are proud patriots.
Josh Jambon has been involved in many projects and programs conducted through the Knights of Columbus. He is proud to be a part of a fraternity dedicated to improving the world and supporting those in need.


​Josh Jambon - Oil and Gas Safety, Protective Gear

Josh Jambon provides all of the necessary protective gear and equipment for his employees while they are on the job. This equipment is necessary to ensure the welfare of each employee. This equipment helps protect against the elements and the heavy machinery often associated with the oil and gas industry. If you are an employee of the oil and gas industry, it is important that you have a proper understanding of how to use your protective gear. This includes knowing where and how to use emergency gear and materials in the event of an accident. Remember that this gear is present for your own safety.

Josh Jambon

Wearing your protective gear properly is one of the best ways to prevent injuries and accidents on the job. According to, “Quality protective gear is essential if you want to avoid injury. Whether you are operating heavy machine or working on rig welding jobs, wear the gear you need to stay safe. This includes: protective goggles, gloves, face protection and respiratory protection. It is better to wear the gear and not need it, than to not wear it and wish you had.”

You should never take safety lightly while on the job. There is a reason that the company you work for spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on protective gear and safety seminars. That is because they want to ensure your well-being. They take it seriously, and so should you. Good gear could be the difference between life and death.

Josh Jambon provides protective gear to his employees.

Josh Jambon - Oil and Gas, Weigh Cons

Josh Jambon has done well as an entrepreneur and businessman in the oil and gas industry because he was willing to work at it. To be successful in endeavors related to the oil and gas industry, you have to be able to make it through the rough patches and persevere when things get difficult. It is also a matter of surveying the risk and reward ratio involved. This means taking a realistic and mature approach to your career and figuring out the options that are available to you. No occupation is perfect, which is why before trying to break into the oil and gas industry, you should make sure that is what you want.

Josh Jambon

One important thing to consider before getting into oil and gas is to weigh the cons. According to’s Tips to Get into Oil and Gas, “A good salary, the opportunity for travel and an exhilarating and challenging work life - sounds perfect! But it is important that you also recognize the potential challenges associated with a career in oil and gas such as being away from friends and family, long hours, tight deadlines and the need for work flexibility to accommodate project demands. In order to get a foot in the door and gain the experience required to progress your career in oil and gas, you need to be willing to work your way up the ladder.” You have to figure out for yourself if it is worth all of the effort.

Josh Jambon measures pros and cons at work.

Josh Jambon - Gas And Oil, Study Up

Josh Jambon has been successful in the gas and oil industry for many reasons, but mostly because he put in the time and studied the field thoroughly. Knowledge is power. It can help you achieve just about anything. So if you are looking to break into the gas and oil industry and become a part of a very lucrative field, studying is one of the best ways to achieve that. Thankfully, the internet is an excellent research tool full of a vast wealth of information that can help you figure out the best way to get into the industry, as well as learn what a career in gas and oil is all about.

Studying is an important part of getting into the gas and oil field. According to’s Tips to Get into Oil and Gas, “The importance of studying the STEM subjects and obtaining an engineering undergraduate degree cannot be overstated. But, if you did not study the STEM subjects then do not panic, schemes like the Prince’s Trust ‘Get Into’ Oil and Gas can give you the advice you need to help you transition into the industry.”

By being well versed with things like math and engineering, getting into the oil and gas industry will become much easier. Employers in this industry are always seeking highly qualified and well-educated engineers and mathematicians to add to their team. So seeking a proper education and arming yourself with knowledge is a good step in the right direction towards a career in the gas and oil field.

Josh Jambon has studied much about gas and oil.

Josh Jambon - Wine Tasting Tips

Josh Jambon is a man who enjoys a fine glass of wine whenever he gets the chance. He has become a connoisseur of sorts that dabbles in tasting an assortment of different wines. Wine tasting has become a hobby of his. This is almost a sport of sorts that requires some further knowledge and skill to truly appreciate. 

That is because you cannot simply go to a wine tasting event and appreciate it. There are certain things you have to learn, tricks, tips, and techniques to get the most out of your experience. This can be achieved through experience and by doing a bit of research. 

Josh Jambon

One important way to improve your experience at a wine taster is to first assess the look and smell of the wine. While many amateur wine tasters simply dive right into a wine, it is important to first appreciate the look. Check things like the viscosity, opacity, and the color. While it isn’t suggested to spend more than five seconds or so on this step, you should not skip it either. The next thing to appreciate is the smell. 

There are three commonly accepted wine aromas, the primary, the secondary and the tertiary. Primary comes from grapes and herbs, secondary comes from fermentation and yeast, and the tertiary comes from natural oxidation, aging, and oak. 

The most important element of a wine taster is, of course, the tasting itself. While looking and smelling the wine are important for appreciation purposes, ultimately it is the taste that dictates the quality of the wine. It is said that two elements make up the taste department. The first element is flavor, the second, structure. 

The flavors your palate should be looking for are trace ones like coconut, raspberry, or lemon. The structure includes things like the acidity of the wine, the body, the alcohol content, and the sweetness. 

Josh Jambon is a guy that can enjoy a good wine tasting with friends and family. He also knows that wine tasting isn’t something that you can just jump into. To get a true appreciation for the craft, you have to educate yourself and train your palate to detect subtle differences in flavor, body, textures, colors, and aromas. 

To a properly trained wine taster, every vintage, brand, and bottle is unique in its own right. That is because the process used in order to brew and flavor the wine always differ, even if it is only by a small margin. 

Building Jobs in the United States

The United States has lost its hold on a growing economy in many ways, and it's increasingly harder to build a job base for all of the out of work people. While big companies have taken full advantage of globalization. Small businesses have had a much harder time finding foreign markets for their products.

Josh Jambon

This is a problem that is hurting the job market. One answer is for cities to start helping these small companies by setting up outreach groups that help promote local businesses abroad, perhaps roping in larger, more global firms headquartered nearby to share connections and resources.

Another huge problem for business owners here in the US is the redundant layers of red tape that cost business owners both time and money and generate nothing of value. These changes could start at the local government level with regulatory agencies. They could mimic "lean" companies, and take a more streamlined approach, have firm deadlines for completing their work and a mandate to do away with needless rules.

Lastly, the US could copy a country that has an employment base that has remained strong such as Germany. Despite encountering a recession that was worse than ours, Germany has a much lower unemployment rate. One program that they created subsidizes "mini jobs" amounting to 10 to 15 hours per week for students or older workers. They also reward companies that hire the long-term jobless. Germany is also more aggressive about finding work for the unemployed instead of merely mailing out unemployment checks.

For More Information Visit Here - Josh Jambon

Quaint City of Golden Meadow

Golden Meadow is a small, incorporated town in southern Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. It sits about 35 miles south of U.S. 90 at Raceland and rests on the Bayou Lafourche; right it enters the Gulf of Mexico at Fourchon. The town was built mainly due to its proximity to Bayou Lafourche and the Gulf of Mexico because seafood was so abundant. Later, the big oil industry would pull in more settlers to the area.

 Golden Meadows population really began to grow after a few destructive hurricanes trampled the little villages. The hurricane in 1893 hurricane destroyed the small nearby fishing community of Cheniere Caminada. Then in 1915, another strong hurricane dealt a blow to the nearby community of Leeville. Following both storms, survivors began to move further inland to places like Golden Meadow. Golden Meadow received its name because of its fields of goldenrods and also of people’s expectations of riches and unclaimed lands.

Josh Jambon

Even today, many of the town's residents make their livelihoods by way of commercial fishing and the big oil and gas industry's development. Governor Earl K. Long signed an act of incorporation on July 17, 1950, after the Golden Meadow Women's Club successfully circulated an incorporation petition. Alexie Plaisance became the first Mayor of Golden Meadow that same year.

 Josh Jambon is a highly successful businessman who lives in Golden Meadow, Louisiana. He is the founder and President of Jambon Boats. His company provides offshore support vessels for the oil and gas industry. Recently the fast growing company expanded internationally. He credits much of his success with the education he received while attending Nicholls State University.

Josh Jambon – Thinking Globally, Preparing Locally

As a well-known humanitarian across the globe, Josh Jambon sees a need to aid in creating an infrastructure that can support the growing local economy of Port Fourchon. Port Fourchon is reportedly one of the busiest ports in the United States of America. Nestled in the cozy homestead of Josh Jambon (a leading entrepreneur) the port located in Golden Meadow, Louisiana sees an estimated 8000 people through on a daily basis. After learning that most people coming in and out of Port Fourchon were staying in hotels located in Houma, Jambon concluded there was an obvious need for more hotel rooms in South Lafourche. Josh Jambon is focused on boosting the busy port’s construction efforts and aiding in bringing the population to the forefront of the nation when it comes to conducting business.

For this reason, the owner and founder of Jambon Boats will be breaking ground on two Microtel. Believing the new housing will benefit the entire community, Josh Jambon says the Microtel provide living arrangements that are closer to the port, affordable, and will lend support to other hotels that remain full nearly year-round.

As a resident humanitarian and prominent business owner benefitting from the location, Jambon believes it is just as much his responsibility to give back to the community that provides him with so much. With some respectable affiliations locally and abroad, Josh Jambon is better able to respond appropriately to community endeavors and participation.

Josh Jambon - Building Strength in Building Ports

Port Fourchon is reportedly one of the busiest ports in the United States of America. Nestled in the cozy homestead of Josh Jambon, the port located in Golden Meadow, Louisiana sees an estimated 8000 people on a daily basis. As a well-known humanitarian across the globe, Jambon saw a need to aid in creating an infrastructure that can support the growing local economy.
After learning that most people coming in and out of Port Fourchon were staying in hotels located in Houma, Jambon concluded there was an obvious need for more rooms in South Lafourche. As a graduate of Nicholls State University in Louisianan, Jambon put his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration to work and began working up plans for building more hotels in Port Fourchon. Josh is focused on boosting the busy port’s construction efforts and aiding in bringing the population to the forefront of the nation when it comes to conducting business.
Jambon is also recognized locally as a distinguished humanitarian, having demonstrated his dedication to helping others by engaging in community projects that create value for Golden Meadow. With the backing of some prominent community affiliations, Josh Jambon is a committed servant to community endeavors and participation. This month, the owner and founder of Jambon Boats will be breaking ground on two Microtel. Believing the new housing will benefit the entire community, the Microtel provide living arrangements that are closer to the port, are affordable, and will lend support to other hotels that remain full nearly year-round.  

Josh Jambon - The Global Economy

Josh Jambon is a longtime entrepreneur who holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management from Nicholls State University. Since he graduated in 1983 he has started several business, the most successful of which is Jambon Maritime Service, LLC.

His success in business has allowed him to provide for his family in the way that he had always hoped to. "My kids have the best business education money can buy," he explains, "and my legacy is that they may continue to have the vision I have for a one world economy, as I see it."

As he knows, the global economy refers broadly to the economy of the whole world. In practice different economies of each country interact with each other in one way or another. A key concept in the idea of a global economy is called globalization. This refers to processes that lead to discrete economies of the world being more closely interconnected, so that an event in one of them ends up affecting the state of the world's economy.

An increasing relaxation on restrictions on business between countries have been greatly relaxed over the last century or so, resulting in the current state of the global economy. Businesses are now able to sell commodities in virtually any market around the world. And consumers, too, are part of the equation, since they are able to access a much wider variety of goods and services than ever before.

Josh Jambon has built Jambon Maritime Service LLC from one that supplies support vessels in the Gulf of Mexico, to one that has operations all over the world.

Josh Jambon - SOLAS Class

Josh Jambon has built Jambon Maritime Service into a thriving, international provider of vessels and personnel to the oil and gas industry. And as an experienced entrepreneur he is always looking to the future of the industry.

"We are completing the new generation of vessels 83m DP 2 - Fifi 1 SOLAS Class vessels," he says. He adds that they will be in the North Sea and in West Africa to support new drilling.

SOLAS is an acronym that means Safety of Life At Sea, and is an international set of safety standards that first went into effect in 1929. They were initiated after the sinking of the Titanic in April of 2012, one of the worst maritime disasters ever, when some fifteen hundred people lost their lives. The sinking of the Titanic was a stunning event, because the ship was thought to be unsinkable. The main focus of the original SOLAS standards were watertight integrity of ships, structural fire protection, and fire resistance of bulkheads.

The SOLAS standards have been amended several times since they were first introduced. Many of the amendments reflect changing technology, and the standards now regulate basic safety aspects for ships on international voyages. Some of the safety issues covered are ship stability, machinery, electrical installations, fire safety, lifesaving appliances, navigation, and on-board ship communications.

Josh Jambon formed Jambon Maritime Service in 2005 and has built it into a worldwide enterprise. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management from Nicholls State University, where he graduated in 1983.

Josh Jambon-Any Type of Vessel

bullet imagebullet image

Josh Jambon is the founder and CEO of Jambon Marine Service, LLC, a supplier of vessels and personnel to the oil and gas industry worldwide. "We have offices on all continents and have the capabilities of providing any type of vessel for the oil and gas industry," he says.

There's a lot to know about the oil industry, and as he knows, experts spend their entire careers learning about small areas of it. And he has specialized in the area of vessel supply. A wide range of vessels are needed by the oil and gas industry, and to outsiders it can appear to be very confusing. But to men who have devoted their careers to it there is nothing confusing at all.

One of the most important vessels used in the industry for offshore oil drilling is a group called Offshore Support Vessels, or OSV for short. These are vessels that provide support services to offshore drilling rigs. The demand for such vessels is driven by the underlying demand for oil.

There are three main categories to this type of vessel: the Anchor Handing Tug Supply, the Platform Supply Vessel, and the Construction Support Vessel. Anchor Handing Tug Supply vessels tow rigs from one spot to another and lift and position a rig's anchors. They also carry supplies. Platform Supply Vehicles perform simpler tasks, like cargo runs and supply duties. Construction Support Vessels are used in underwater operations, and are usually equipped with a crane and deck space.

"My personal aspiration," says Josh Jambon, "is to have a full fleet of fifty vessels that can maintain any and all deep water drilling across the globe."